6 Little Details In Red Dead Redemption 2

Little Details In Red Dead Redemption 2 – Easily recognized as one of the best games ever released in the past decade, Red Dead Redemption 2 delivers high-quality gameplay, great storytelling, and fulfilling open-world exploration. As with most other Rockstar Games, RDR2 is full of easter eggs and subtle details all around the place. 

When I mean easter eggs and little details in Red Dead Redemption 2 are everywhere, I really meant it. Starting from the ground you step on, the town you walk by, and every part of your surrounding is full of subtle details. And the game’s slow pace of the storyline only highlights these details even more.

Once in a while, your gun will start to rust, animals’ bodies decompose, and the weather change dynamically. These little details in Red Dead Redemption 2 have created something above and beyond immersion for gamers all around. And for the next several years will create a challenge for upcoming game releases, will they match it or even come close?

There are so many little details that it’s not even going to fit in just one article. So, here we have a list of the first 6 little details in Red Dead Redemption 2 in case you never noticed.

Little Details In Red Dead Redemption 2

Buildings Upgrade Over Time

Little Details In Red Dead Redemption 2 town grow

It’s that kind of you will realize if you look around and notice your surroundings type of thing with our first detail. You may not realize it until you step back and remember your journey from time to time, but buildings and infrastructure in the world grow throughout the west. 

You may notice how the town of Valentine is slowly being built as you progress through the game. Or how the central union railroad is being completed as time goes on, which can help you traverse the map later on in the game. 

Animals hunt each other

Little Details In Red Dead Redemption 2 animals hunt each other

Animals in RDR 2 are not just valuable objects that you can exploit in the game, but they act as if they live and survive the world. That is by hunting each other in an ecosystem. While it’s true that you the player are the apex predator, if you stop for a minute and observe nature, you might catch a cougar hunting and killing a deer. In other instances, you might also see an alligator killing a boar and so much more. 

Get struck by lightning

Get struck by lightning in RDR 2

One of the elements that work dynamically in the game is the weather system, and when it rains and storms, what would we expect? lightning of course! The lightning in the game is more than just a scenery, it can interact with any object within the game, including you. 

It’s quite rare to happen, but when you are traveling across an open plain during a thunderstorm, just be ready for the risk you are facing.

NPCs retain their injuries

Little Details In Red Dead Redemption 2 NPC retain injury

As we are familiar with the concept of free will in open-world games such as RDR 2, we are prone to do anything we want. That includes beating anyone you encounter when they’re just minding their own business (you psycho). 

If you decide at any time to beat up any NPC in the game, it will leave a mark on them, and they also won’t forget what you’ve done. For example, you decide to attack a shopkeeper one time, and what happens when you enter the same shop sometime later? the shopkeeper will not be that excited about your presence, though they will still do business. You might also notice that they still bear the physical damage, they might wear a bandage or have swollen eyes.

Townspeople will notice if you run around town being suspicious

Burst through door

Townspeople act just like how a crowd would in real life. You can get in trouble just for bumping into random people on the street or waving your guns around for no reason at all. 

In one instance, when you run full speed at a door in town, Arthur will bust the door open with his shoulder. Everyone inside that building will jump in shock and look at you, some will even swear. 

Animal corpses will decompose after some time

Little Details In Red Dead Redemption 2 Animals dead body decompose

In most open-world games, once you kill or skin an animal, its dead body will just disappear after some time. But in Red Dead Redemption 2, it acts as just as it does in nature. Animal corpses will rot after some time until it is no more than just bones laying on the ground. But for human bodies, the law enforcer will pick up human corpses, and bury them somewhere, I guess?

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