About Me

Hello everyone, let me introduce myself, my name is Rafif Santika. I learned programming from 6 years ago (until this page was written)

The programming language that I specialize in is Java, because I think Java programming language is more universal and of course because I like it regardless of any reason.

All writing is my personal experience, from learning a lot about programming in Java, I hope what I know can be useful for all of us and of course I also continue to be in the learning stage.

Besides that, I also try to share my experience and understanding about the world of technology according to what I have learned.

I hope that all of those who visit my blog can provide input or share experiences, for better direction.

Thank you as much as possible for my father, who has provided meaningful direction so that I can understand that what we learn whatever is positive and productive will produce benefits, benefit ourselves and also be useful for other.

Thank you also to my mother who is always patient and wise to see what we are doing and we are going through. I love you both and also my cute little sister 🙂

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Thank you to all who have visited my blog

Rafif Santika
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