How To Find A Saddle In Minecraft 2022

How To Find A Saddle In Minecraft – From grassland to swamps, to the desert, and even treacherous mountains, Minecraft has a huge world to explore. In the beginning, when you first spawned into the world, you walk almost everywhere. The normal walking speed for Steve/Alex is around 4.317 m/s, when sprinting it can reach around 5.612 m/s or 5.6 blocks per second. You can go faster by sprinting and jumping at the same time which allows you to reach a speed of 7.127 m/s.

This is not a bad way of traveling a small distance when you explore. But you can’t always run at the speed of 7.127 m/s at all times, because you’ll get tired eventually. Your hunger will drop faster than you would when you walk. And although food is almost unlimited in the game, it’s not very efficient to stop once at a time to get meat on the way. 

That’s why you need to switch to a better mode of transportation. Before you have your Elytra and fireworks, you have to use what nature has to offer first. Yup, you can harness nature by using some of its creatures as a ride. Horses are a formidable mob when it comes to traveling distance. They can run at a maximum of 14.57 blocks/second, double the speed of your sprint and jumping pace. Besides that, they practically will never get tired despite a long journey to the edge of the world. The only weakness they have is they can’t transport you through water, although you can still pull them to swim using a leash. 

How to travel by riding a horse in Minecraft

To travel using a horse, or practically other mobs (which I will explain at the end of the article) is to tame them and equip a saddle. By using a saddle you can ride certain types of Minecraft mobs to help you embark on your journey. So, how do you get a saddle to start riding horses?

Surprisingly, you cannot craft a saddle using some leather on the crafting table. Until the latest release of Minecraft 1.20, there is still no update that makes a saddle craftable as far as I know. To find a saddle, you must venture around the world with enough wits to finally find one. There are four main methods you can find a saddle in Minecraft.

How to find a saddle in Minecraft

Starting from the highest possibility circumstances to the lowest, here are four primary ways to get a saddle in Minecraft.

Chests in Dungeon

Find A Saddle In Minecraft on a dungeon chest

The first with the highest possibility for you to get a saddle is to look for it in chests around the world. From dungeons to the nether fortress to the village’s chest, it is very likely for you to find one saddle in a chest. There are pretty good spawn rates in this chest to contain a saddle, so finding one shouldn’t be that big of an issue. 

Exploring the world by foot, and finding structures with chests one by one is the most common way to get a saddle in Minecraft. At the top of the list, you got the Nether Fortress with a high chance of spawning saddles at 35.3% probability. 

More or less, here are the chances of finding a saddle in the world’s chests: 

  • Nether Fortress: 35.3%
  • Dungeon: 27.9%
  • Desert Temple: 235%
  • Village: 16.2%
  • Bastion: 13.6%
  • End City: 13.3%
  • Jungle Temple: 12.9%
  • Stronghold: 2.5%

Mobs that can drop a saddle

Find A Saddle In Minecraft by killing the Ravager

The second method to obtain a saddle is to find a mob that could potentially drop a leather. By killing a Ravager on a village raid, you have an 8.5% chance for them to drop a leather. Enchanting your sword with looting should increase this chance. 

Other than Ravagers, you can go to the nether and find striders or Zombified Piglins. Both of them have a good percentage of probability of dropping a leather for you. 

Get it from a villager

Find A Saddle In Minecraft from a leatherworker villager

Third, you can get your saddle by doing business with local villagers. You can go to the local leather worker and trade with them until they reach their max level. You would have to trade with them a couple of times first until you are presented with the probability of them trading a saddle with you. Usually, the leatherworker will offer you a saddle at just the price of 6 emeralds.

If you understand how trading works in Minecraft, it shouldn’t take you long enough to get 6 emeralds. Once you have the 6 emeralds, you can trade them with a villager to get your saddle. 


Find A Saddle In Minecraft by fishing

Last but not least, the longest and most inefficient way to get a saddle in Minecraft is by fishing. To fish in Minecraft, you will need to equip a fishing rod and cast your line on an open body of water. It is widely known that when you fish you have a 10% chance to catch junk. That makes it a very slim chance for you to catch a saddle in the ocean. Some sources say that the chances are as low as 1% probability for you to catch a saddle on the water. 

So it is very recommended that you try out the above steps before you go fishing in the ocean to find a saddle. 

What animals can equip a saddle in Minecraft?

One of the most obvious animals to be able to equip a saddle is the horse. Horses are very durable and twice as fast as your sprinting and jumping method. I am very certain that they are the best animals you can use to cross long distances in Minecraft. At first, taming a horse can be quite a challenge, as you will be kicked down numerous times before it can bond with you. Eventually, when the horse likes you, it will all be 

Riding horse in Minecraft on a saddle

Horses also have cousins that you can ride in Minecraft. They are donkeys and mules. Both of these animals are available for you to ride using the saddle but are much slower than a horse. But, they have a unique capability that a horse doesn’t have. They can carry and equip chests in their back, so you can bring more items with you on your journey. So, a donkey or a mule is a suitable companion to transport a lot of items in Minecraft.

Donkey and mule


Lastly, you have the pigs and the striders to ride. If you put a saddle on a pig and ride them, it will just wander around as you can not control its direction. Once you put a carrot on a stick and hover the carrot over its head, then you can direct the pig’s movements. Just like the pigs, a strider will require an extra item for you to be able to control them. While pigs require carrots, striders require a warped fungus on a stick instead. Striders are a great mode of transportation in the Nether, especially through the lava. Unfortunately, if you want to get your saddle back after your ride, you have to mercilessly put your new friend down. Promise that you make it quick and unpainful okay.  

Striders with zombie pigman

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