How To Make A Beacon In Minecraft 1.19

Make A Beacon in Minecraft 1.19 – Minecraft allows for an ultimate form of creativity when it comes to building structures in the game. There are a lot of examples where Minecraft players decided to take building to the next level and create unfathomable structures. From skyscrapers to giant castles, there’s no limit to what you can do. 

When it comes to survival mode, we all want to create the coolest base ever right? Just look at this amazing base that Pewdiepie has on its hardcore survival Minecraft let’s play. 

Pewdiepie Minecraft hardcore base

It has a unique Japanese touch to it, making it more personal and a place worthy to call home. There it stood a megabase with all its might. With bases like this, wouldn’t it be more complete when you get mighty as well? at least in your domain. Look back at the previous image, and see that 4 red beams are shooting up the sky in his base. 

Those are the beams of a beacon, which is what we would try to make in this post. By having a beacon in your base, you will get a boost of potion effects such as speed, etc. which can help you greatly in your playthrough. 

So, how do you exactly make a beacon in Minecraft? without further ado, let me show you how it’s done. 

How to make a beacon 

Gather resources

In order to make a beacon that shoots up to light up the sky and give you a powerful boost, there’s a lot of preparation you have to go through. The materials may not vary that much, but the scarcity and difficulty to obtain these items that will take you some time to gather. 

Here is the list of items you need to have for your beacon pyramid:

  • 1 Nether Star
  • 3 Obsidian 
  • 5 Glass
  • 164 Iron/Gold/Diamond/Emerald/Netherite Blocks

Holy moly! what an amount of ore blocks isn’t it? These are the materials that you need to have in order to create the best functional beacon you can have. You can use any of the ore blocks to create a beacon or even combine some of them and the beacon would still function just fine. 

Why would we need that amount of ores anyway? I’ll explain later in a section below. But now, it’s time to create the beacon itself. 

Create the beacon

To make a beacon in Minecraft by crafting, you can follow these steps. First place the 3 obsidian blocks at the lowest row of the crafting GUI. After that, put a netherite star at the center of the crafting table. Once you have the obsidian and netherite star in its place, surround the nether star with 5 glass blocks. 

It should look like this at the end

Make A Beacon, Crafting recipe

Now you should see that a beacon appears as a result of this crafting recipe. Grab the beacon and put it in your inventory. 

Build the pyramid for the Beacon source of power

Make A Beacon pyramid

Now let me explain why you need that much material to activate the beacon in the first place. So, a beacon cannot light up if it doesn’t have any source of power. And in this case, a beacon’s source of power is the platform of ore blocks underneath it. 

That means if you put a beacon on any random block, it would not light up at all. Hence you will need the ore blocks that I mentioned on the resource list above. But why do we need 164? 

The answer is we don’t. To activate a beacon, you don’t need to have 164 blocks and a 4-layer pyramid. You can activate a beacon with just 9 blocks of ores. Although you won’t get the same boost with that of a 4-layer pyramid beacon. With each layer you create, you enable more and more boosts to the beacon’s powerful effect. 

Here is a list of pyramid layers formation:

  • 1 layer: 3×3 
  • 2 layer: 5×5 and 3×3 on top
  • 3 layer: 7×7, 5×5 and 3×3
  • 4 layer: 9×9, 7×7, 5×5 and 3×3

Once you have successfully created a pyramid as the source of power, now place the beacon in the middle. If you do everything correctly, it should now shoot up to the sky and activate. 

How to use the beacon power

Congrats now you have a beacon that shoots up a beautiful blue beam up to the sky, so you started to run around your base, but you didn’t feel anything new. Why is there no effect? you might ask. 

This is because the effect is not fully activated yet. When you place your beacon on top of the pyramid, you will not gain any effects right away. There’s one more step you need to do before the it will give its blessing to you. 

Now, interact with the beacon by right-clicking on it to bring up its menu. In this menu, you will have a list of all the status effects that you are able to activate. If you have a 4-level pyramid, you can choose to select a primary and secondary power to your advantage. Finally, you need to insert either an Iron, Diamond, Gold, Emerald, or Neherite ingot to activate the effect. 

Activate beacon power

There are 5 main primary powers for you to choose:

  • Speed
  • Haste
  • Resistance
  • Jump Boost
  • Strength

Each power will unlock as you have more layers to your pyramid. 

How to change the color of the beam

The original and default color of the beam is supposedly blue. However, you can change this color to whatever you like by taking advantage of the colored glass in Minecraft.

When you want to make the beam look read, you can put a red-colored glass on top of the beam. If you want it yellow, put a yellow glass on top, etc. This should work with almost all of the colored glass that Minecraft has. 

Besides being a great power booster, a beacon also makes up for a great aesthetic in your base. The beam can also be a landmark for you to recognize your base from hundreds of blocks away, so you won’t miss your base after roaming around.  

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